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Smile of Victory

Sherpa Everest Marathon Race

A stunning 42k trail race beneath the highest point on our planet

A serious undertaking, but realistic for those who move well on trails, and who can get to the start line feeling healthy. In many ways, that is the challenge.

  • Start at c5200m altitude, finish at c3400m.

  • 42k, with roughly 800m D+/3000m D-.

  • Checkpoints and aid stations every 5-8k

  • Surfaces are mostly dry, rocky trail.

  • Technical sections over boulderfields near the start, but the trails are generally runnable.

  • The route is generally (but not totally) a descent so the air will get thicker and warmer throughout the race

Full details (including preparation advice and mandatory/advisory kit lists) to follow in our dossier (to come)

Race: Programs
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